SBL offers a wide range of LiDAR data processing services that help clients to create digital elevation models (DEM), digital terrain models (DTM), triangulated inverse networks (TIN) and highly accurate lidar mapping from point cloud surveys. When you outsource your LiDAR data processing services to a specialist lidar company like SBL, you unlock the vast potential of geospatial data that has already helped numerous global industries in making informed decisions about their business. In particular, if you are a lidar surveying company we can help you to dramatically scale your lidar processing workflow to produce 3D modelling from the lidar point clouds at pace and scale.

For example, our LiDAR classification teams help companies and organisations to identify and assess spatial trends and impacts, so as to better mitigate risk and maximise opportunity. These lidar industries include transport, construction, electrical utility, agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and many more.

Drawing on our well-established and long-standing expertise, we have helped the electrical utility industry to develop and implement an efficient strategy for maintenance of electric networks. Furthermore, our LiDAR classification expertise has delivered critical support to the agricultural sector through watershed delineation and crop assessment mapping utilising LiDAR point cloud data. These are just two examples.


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Unlike aerial photography, which depends on good weather conditions to be useful, LiDAR data collection achieves good quality photography even in sub-optimal (including cloudy) conditions. SBL experts work with survey teams to determine the required detail and density. If your project has tough deadlines but simply demands good rather than ultimate quality levels, a matching level of survey and data processing criteria can save on processing and personnel resources. Therefore, you can achieve the desired outcomes faster and at a lower cost. Our mapping engineers and technicians assist you and strive to ensure that each LiDAR mapping solution is correct in size for optimal return on investment and successful projects.

In addition to this, fast TAT on maps and other LiDAR-derived data, accelerated LiDAR data processing for quick bare earth maps and automated 3D results, flexible incorporation of LiDAR data with digital orthophotos, and multispectral, hyperspectral and panchromatic (black and white) imagery, reliable processing of 3D models and volumetric determination, accurate generation of ortho-rectified DEMs from LiDAR data, unlocking of various rare earth output formats such as ASCII, CAD, ESRI and LAS, are some other advantages of outsourcing SBL’s LiDAR data processing services.


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