SBL’s 2D mapping services allow clients to utilise hundreds of terrain images incorporated into high definition maps with extreme precision. In so doing they are able to leverage accurate terrain information for elevation models, object mapping, multispectral indices, and structural documentation for informed decision making. SBL partners with a variety of industries such as E-commerce, agriculture, forestry, real-estate, transportation, engineering, telecom, power, oil, gas, utility, roads and highways, disaster management, solid waste management, environmental consultants. forestry and highways. We provide parcel and thematic mapping to depict large terrain areas in a single frame.

Our integrated mapping services support both public and private organisations to leverage spatial intelligence effectively in their workflows. For optimum results, SBL gathers data for 2D mapping using CAD, GIS, and GPS services and allows us to deliver the best results no matter what the scale is – region, state, or nation. The dynamic 2D maps help to know in detail about the properties, location and even assets and are fully aligned with the industry-specific business needs.

Our 2D mapping services find wide application in land surveys, mining, construction and development, farming and agriculture and many more, providing businesses with mission critical spatial data. We ensure that our clients gain access to the most critical and relevant information by providing accurate terrestrial LiDAR survey data. With LiDAR, we can make it possible to uncover stored data, which may prove to be highly beneficial for our clients.


Image registration services
Utility mapping services
Landbase mapping services
Cadastral mapping services
GIS data conflation services
Landbase mapping services
Land use, land cover and habitat classification services


SBL offers a highly secure and structured workflow , while executing your 2D mapping project to ensure data privacy and safety. Trained SBL staff analyse the data collected using high-end software from various land surveys or aerial surveys and other areas to create accurate 2D maps. SBL considers itself to have the upper hand in 2D mapping services over its competitors due to its experience working with government institutions and partnering with Fortune 500 companies. We understand that 2D mapping services benefit the organisation regardless of whether it is public or private due to the nature of services being driven by data and hence help our clients prioritise data for each decision making process. We also make sure we provide the best possible framework at a fast turnaround time so that you can focus on core business commitments while also availing easy solutions to complex geographical, location or security problems.


Many industries are relying on 2D mapping as one of the most effective ways to present actionable data. Give your business the extra edge with intelligent ways of data mapping and partner with SBL to avail accurate 2D mapping services.

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